im convinced

April 28, 2011

things i’m convinced of today:

i drink too much caffeine.

i need to go on a run. whilst listening to jay z.

that Christ died not so that we may be dead, thats what the law was all about.

bowling green was the perfect place for me to go to college.

michael scott’s last night on the office is tonight.

i go to meetings like a real adult.

i love DJs. (hence photo above)

i am a list-maker.

i really want to go to Palm Springs.


the mountain

April 23, 2011

this weekend is spent remembering the death of Christ, his time spent in the grave defeating darkness, and his RESURRECTION!! so powerful! so exciting!

take a minute (or 3:09 minutes) to see a video of the nighttime magic the Creator of our universe makes.


April 21, 2011

Heather (pictured below) and i planned our copy writing meeting for this morning at a great breakfast place in downtown Franklin, Merridee’s.

they have some really wonderful coffee and a blackberry cheese danish that is phenomenal.  makes me want to work on my pastry-makin skills.

instead, i’ve gotten really good at my list-makin skills.

at least i can walk through that door and find a darn good breakfast in these parts.

blondie boots

April 19, 2011

thanks to imogene+willie, i got a new pair of boots.

My new Fryes come from the oldest continually operating shoe company in the US.

Roots, baby.

garden 2011

April 5, 2011

last year’s attempt at a garden is dust in the wind compared to what i have in store for this summer.


little did i know i would come home to one of my roommates being just as ambitious with gardening skills.


and thus the planting in planters begins.  those broccoli (left) leaves may be my very favorite colors right now.  and that lettuce (right), why i could pour some dressing on it and eat it right now.


and haley’s flower bed is complete with petunias and snap dragons.


my herb garden looks a little weak now, but one day will be mighty and strong.  meet(from right to left) rosemary, basil, cilantro, oregano, and strawberry.


lest i forget to show the most vital of all plants for this summer, my blackberry (soon-to-be) bush.

green beans

March 8, 2011

last night for dinner, i sat down and ate a whole bowl of green beans.

today for lunch, all i wanted was green been casserole from the daily dish.

i’m ready for spring harvest.


March 2, 2011

just had a conversation with a friend about how boring design blogs have gotten over the last few weeks, and then i happen upon this photo story.  thanks to jay b. sauceda for capturing some good ol’ boys on the wild west frontier.  here are some favorite.




my new job with Reach Your City has opened the door for me to see God’s work across the oceans.  yesterday I had a meeting with some members of Project: AK-47.  the informatice aspect of learning about child soldier trafficing in southeastern Asian countries is horrifying – however, to know that people are out there rescuing is unbelievable.

watch and learn:

now help.

i’ve just recently been informed of the #FF on twitter.  Follow Fridays. great idea.


however, this is my blog. not the tweet world. but i do love my favorite blogs. so it’s only fair that i have a friday edition of things i like on thursday.


Stranger category: (aka, someone i’ve never met, but love their style and want to know how their blog got so great)

Bliss always introduces me to the newest trends that I can afford and love.  Ok, maybe not always afford…but can dream about owning with that piggy bank i’ll one day save pennies in.                                                                                                


role model category: (aka, i want to be just like her…in a non-creepster way)

anna maria horner may be the very reason i got into blogging in the first place.  some friends early in college introduced me to her blog.  we all knew she was a spectacular textile designer, but come to find out she is a fantastic friend, wife, mother of 6, and nashvillian.  her blog chronicles her family, as well as her career in the textile industry. girl got it going on.

the i-love-etsy category: (aka, the people have dared to open an online arts and crafts fair and have SUCCEEDED!)

girl knows how to get the goodies from any flea market, antique shop, thirft store, grandma’s attic.  she finds the greatest little gemstones and then puts them in her etsy store for her customers to enjoy.  i love this blog dearly and wanted to show my appreciation in the only way fit – by buying a sweet pearl pendant necklace. not only was it great to receive a cute package in the mail with presh tissue paper, but people always compliment my necklace. well done, minters.                                   


the city-guide category: (aka, where i find out what i really want to do in this city)

the nashvillest has become my homepage. it should steal the NYtimes’ tag line, because it really on shares ‘the news thats fit to print.’  the nashvillest give great updates on local news, allows fellow citizens of this fine city to upload their own photos to flickr to be used in articles, and they always make sure to announce when anything free or fun or free and fun is going on.            


best paper blog category: (aka, my knees get weak just looking through their online store)

rifle has taken the paper world to the next level.  they are innovative with their cutesy design, but relavent to their buyers.  they know that the consumer wants to stay personal, but have a look pulled of well.  its almost as if they are the jcrew of the paper world.  i love all that they do.                                                                                                                                                              


fashion category: (aka, when i can’t afford to buy the newest issue of vogue, this will hit the spot….or maybe both. whatevs)

the glamourai knows social networking.  i saw her blog posted as someone else’s favorite and i liked what i saw.  but shortly after following her blog i realized she was the model in all the photos.  what a hottie!                                    


the design blog of the year: (aka, one day i WILL have a post about my work on here. till then, i’ll let these other people have it)

quipsologies shows me all the newest ideas/trends/statistics/economics/phonetics/love languages/conferences going on in the design world.  in this day and age, you have got to stay caught up with what others are doing so you can collaborate, network, and innovate your own projects.  this site/blog helps me the most.                                

especially with all of the recent snow fall in nashville, i’m craving a getaway.

there is something to say about all the breaks you get while being in school.  fall break. spring break.  summer break.

all good things happen over break: time with people you love, renewal of the mind, energy put towards things you love.

so this has got me thinking about where i would go for a weekend trip. found: Ace Hotels

the one in palm springs drew me in because of amh’s recent stay there.


but then i got to looking around, and these rooms are just too darn cute.


then i found locations in new york, portland, and seattle.


well done, ace.